About Us

Arrant Luxury was born out of love for timeless beauty and the commitment to preserving traditional art forms.

Inspired by encounters with exceptional artisans, Arrant Luxury was founded with a purpose: to share the remarkable artistry of hand-knotted rugs with individuals who appreciate the essence of luxury and craftsmanship.

Arrant Luxury was founded with a singular vision — to redefine the concept of luxury and offer people an opportunity to indulge in the extraordinary.

Crafting Extraordinary Experiences

Each piece in our collection is chosen for its exceptional quality, exquisite design, and its ability to transform your living space into a haven of opulence. We take pride in offering exclusive pieces that are truly unique. Our collection is thoughtfully curated, often limited in availability, and showcases rare finds that speak to your individuality and refined taste. We believe that true luxury lies in owning something that reflects your distinct personality and stands out from the ordinary.

Experience the Epitome of Luxury

Indulge in the world of Arrant Luxury and discover the epitome of opulence and refinement. Explore our collection, which is crafted with meticulous care and designed to evoke emotions and create extraordinary moments in your life. Our hand-knotted rugs, in particular, are masterpieces of artistry, created with the finest materials and techniques to bring elegance and luxury to your space.

We invite you to discover the artistry and elegance
that define Arrant Luxury…