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The Blue Dawn Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug - Arrant Luxury
3'9" x 2'7"

The Blue Dawn Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

This exceptional hand-woven rug bathes your living space in the brilliance of a dawn sky flirting with the sun. With its luminous light blue tones, vibrant gold border, and striking...
Hand Knotted Ziegler-Classical Design
9'8" x 8'0"

The Scarlet Dream Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

Crafted from the heart of artisanal tradition, our Hand Knotted Scarlet Dream rug is an ode to timeless elegance. The deep cream tones, set off by a rich red border adorned...
Hand Knotted Ziegler-Classical Design
3'11" x 2'7"3'10" X 2'8"

The Oceanic Bliss Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

$550.00From $500.00
This exquisite handwoven rug graces your living space with its radiant light blue tones, akin to shimmering waters. The cream-toned border and intricate patterns along the edges exude sophistication. Crafted...
Arrant Luxury Special-Jaaldar Bukhara Design
17'2" x 3'0"

The Cream Dreamscapes Hand Knotted Specialty Rug

Crafted from exquisite sheep wool, this handwoven rug adorns your space with captivating geometric patterns in bold, rich colors. Like a treasure from the heart of Turkey, it invites you...
Fine Hand Knotted Kazak-Antique Oriental Design
9'4" x 6'9"

The Serenity Hand Knotted Super Kazak Rug

With a cream backdrop that serves as a serene canvas, the Kazak rug weaves a captivating tapestry of tradition and coziness. Its vibrant motifs at the heart of the rug...
The Onyx Rose Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug - Arrant Luxury
9'7" x 8'2"

The Onyx Rose Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

Intricacy in every strand, the Onyx Rose transforms a living space into a captivating masterpiece. With its deep, enchanting shades of grey as the backdrop, two vibrant roses at the heart...