Hand-Knotted Rugs

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The Luxurious Round Affair Wool & Silk Rug - Arrant Luxury
4'3" x 4'2"

The Luxurious Round Affair Wool & Silk Rug

Introducing the the Luxurious Round Affair, this exquisite hand-knotted wool & silk rug, set against an ethereal off-white backdrop, features a striking, intricate central design in vibrant colors. With a...
Arrant Luxury Touch Silk-Floral Design (Persian Pattern)
3'3" x 2'0"3'4" X 1'11"

The Indigo Majesty Wool & Touch Silk Rug

$218.00 – $221.00
Crafted with Artistry: Introducing the Indigo Majesty Hand-Knotted Rug. Elevate your space with this captivating silk rug, adorned with intricate, multicolored patterns against a serene blue backdrop. Immerse yourself in...
The Blue Dawn Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug - Arrant Luxury
3'9" x 2'7"

The Blue Dawn Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

This exceptional hand-woven rug bathes your living space in the brilliance of a dawn sky flirting with the sun. With its luminous light blue tones, vibrant gold border, and striking...
Arrant Luxury Pakistani Hand Knotted (Touch Silk)-Floral Design (Persian Pattern)
5'1" x 2'11"

The Zephyr Wool & Touch Silk Rug

Captivation in every weave, the Zephyr transcends mere decor, infusing your home with a tapestry of vibrant allure. Hand-woven to perfection, the rich, dark blues entwine with a symphony of vibrant...
Hand Knotted Ziegler-Modern Design
6'4" x 4'11"

The Zarif Oasis Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

We invite you to unravel the enigma of the timeless beauty of the ZarifOasis. A symbol of classic design crafted with care in the bustling textile industry of South-east Asia,...
Hand Knotted Ziegler-Classical Design
9'8" x 6'8"

The Twilight Tapestry Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

This exquisite, handcrafted rug combines the depths of twilight blue with the warm embrace of saffron accents along its borders. It's a masterpiece tradition of craftsmanship. The twilight blue exudes...
Hand Knotted Ziegler-Classical Design
9'1" x 6'8"

The Teal Tide Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

A tapestry of tranquility, this handwoven rug, adorned in serene teal blue, features delicate, traditional motifs in sandy tones, offering a minimalist allure that soothes the soul. With an essence...
The Tajek Elegance Hand Knotted Kazak Rug - Arrant Luxury
9'10" x 2'6"

The Tajek Elegance Hand Knotted Kazak Rug

Hand-woven to perfection, it boasts vibrant, abstract multicolored motifs reminiscent of Scandinavian artistry. This captivating masterpiece transforms your living space into a realm of unique vibrancy, casting an eccentric yet...
Hand Knotted Ziegler-Classical Design
7'9" x 5'5"

The Sunset Horizon Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

A luxurious hand-woven masterpiece, this captivating rug in creamy tones with a vibrant red border and sand-toned patterns scattered across exudes an irresistible charm. Crafted with meticulous artistry, it weaves...
Hand Knotted Ziegler-Modern Design
9'3" x 6'8"

The Splendor Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

Unveil the Splendor, one of Arrant Luxury's modern editions to the Ziegler collection. Handcrafted in the heartlands of craftsmanship, the Splendor is an attestation to Afghan artistry. Their soft color palettes and vintage charm invite...
Fine Hand Knotted Kazak-Khurjeen Design
8'0" x 5'8"

The Sparkling Mist Hand Knotted Super Kazak Rug

A symphony of colors and patterns, the Sparkling Mist is a captivating masterpiece that enchants every corner of your living space. Handwoven with meticulous precision, it's an ode to artisanal...
The Skywards Dreams Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug - Arrant Luxury
6'9" x 4'10"

The Skywards Dreams Hand Knotted Ziegler Rug

In a serene sky-blue tone, adorned with striking mustard patterns, this hand-woven marvel embodies contemporary allure. Crafted with the utmost artistry, it weaves a foretells elegance infused with a rustic appeal, adding a touch of...