The Opulence of Pure Silk Rugs - A Guide to Luxury Touch Silk Carpets

The Opulence of Pure Silk Rugs - A Guide to Luxury Touch Silk Carpets - Arrant Luxury

Derived from the larvae of the silkworm moths, silk emerges as a cherished and exquisite natural fiber. If you're in the market for a premium silk touch shaggy rug to grace your home, consider exploring the world of pure silk rugs for sale at Arrant Luxury. These silk touch rugs, often referred to as luxury silk carpets, stand as magnificent pieces of art that not only exude beauty but also serve a practical purpose. Allow us to guide you through the essential aspects to consider before making your silk carpet purchase. 

What defines a Persian Rug? 

A Persian carpet is an intricately handcrafted masterpiece, woven with the finest silk fibers. These exquisite rugs are distinguished by their luxurious silk base, plush pile crafted from wool or pure silk, and the silk warp and weft threads that give them their signature silk touch. This is what sets them apart as premium silk touch shaggy rugs. 

The Origin of Luxurious Silk Carpets 

Luxury silk carpets, often referred to as pure silk rugs, have their roots in Persia, present-day Iran. Historical records of silk carpets can be traced back to the ancient Greek author Xenophon's writing, "Anabasis," dating back to 400 BC. Although no silk carpets from that era remain today, the art of weaving and carpet-making has held a significant role in the Persian heritage. 

Pros & Cons of Luxury Silk Carpets 

Premium silk touch shaggy rugs, such as silk Persian and silk oriental rugs, offer exceptional durability and are crafted from the finest pure silk materials. This ensures their longevity, making them an enduring addition to your decor. Premium silk touch shaggy rugs come in an array of captivating styles and patterns, allowing you to infuse a one-of-a-kind artistic element into your living space. What's more, silk carpets are eco-conscious, crafted from natural silk fibers. Silk carpets are a staple now because of the following characteristics:


  • Opulence 
  • Top-notch quality 
  • Long-lasting resilience 
  • Adaptability 
  • Eco-friendly craftsmanship 
  • Handmade using natural materials 

Pure silk rugs also grant you the opportunity to enjoy both comfort and luxury. The texture and feel of silk carpets are unrivalled, making them a splendid choice to enhance your interior décor. Whether you choose a silk carpet or a premium silk touch shaggy rug, these exquisite furnishings will elevate your home's ambiance.


When considering silk carpets, one prominent concern is the associated cost. While one might come across premium silk touch shaggy rugs or pure silk rugs for sale at a budget-friendly rate, it's important to note that pricing often aligns with the overall quality of the silk carpet.

More About Silk Carpets

Silk rugs, exemplifying artistry and functionality, presenting a remarkable addition to your interior décor. The premium silk touch shaggy rug, showcasing the opulence of silk, serves dual purposes as both a luxurious area rug and an exquisite wall adornment. Its versatility knows no bounds, effortlessly gracing any room within your home, making a captivating statement. It's, however, advisable to avoid placing these pure silk rugs in high-traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens, where they may be exposed to excessive wear and tear. Within the realm of silk carpets, a wide array of styles beckons, including the silk touch rug, the silk carpet designed for runners, and the elegant choices for living and dining rooms.  

Types of Silk Rugs

Various types of premium silk touch rugs are available, each with its distinct charm. These silk touch rugs bring a touch of luxury to your space, and pure silk rugs are an elegant choice for enhancing your home décor. Let's explore some of these silk carpets:

Silk Kashan Rugs: Crafted by hand in Kashan, Iran, these silk carpets exude timeless elegance. 

Silk Heriz Rugs: Handmade in Khorassan, Iran, these silk rugs offer a blend of tradition and style.

Kpsi Silk Rugs: Created in Kpsi city, Azerbaijan, these silk touch rugs are a symbol of craftsmanship.

Safavid Silk Rugs: Meticulously crafted in Isfahan, Iran, these silk carpets carry a rich heritage.

Silk Afghan Rugs: Handmade in Kabul, Afghanistan, these silk carpets showcase intricate artistry. 

Kashmir Silk Rugs: Crafted with precision in Kashmir, India, these silk touch shaggy rugs are a testament to quality. 

Nain Silk Rugs: Made in Nain, India, these silk rugs offer both beauty and durability.

Indian Silk Rugs: Handcrafted in India, these silk carpets bring an air of sophistication to your home. 

Turkish Silk Rugs: Crafted with care in Turkey, these silk touch rugs blend tradition with modernity.

Gabbeh Silk Rugs: Handmade in Gabbeh, Afghanistan, these silk touch shaggy rugs embody a unique artistic expression. 

Choosing Between Luxury Silk Carpets and Affordable Wool Rugs

Selecting the ideal rug material for your space need not be a complex decision. A solid understanding of silk and wool fabrics can guide you towards the right choice.

Opting for a premium silk touch shaggy rug is an excellent way to infuse artistry and elegance into your home décor. While luxury silk carpets, such as pure silk rugs, may come with a higher price tag compared to their wool counterparts, several key considerations should influence your decision. 

Wool Rugs

Affordability is a strong suit of wool rugs in comparison to their silk counterparts. Wool rugs offer an extensive range of color palettes, textures, and design options, spanning from traditional to contemporary. This diversity ensures you can effortlessly find the perfect silk touch rug for your living space. The cost-effectiveness of wool, as opposed to silk, makes wool rugs a practical choice, especially if luxury silk carpet options are beyond your budget. 

Silk Carpets 

While silk touch rugs may entail a higher investment, they present unmatched quality and enduring value. Ensuring the longevity of your silk carpet is crucial, and this is achieved by using a suitable rug pad to protect it from wear and tear. 

For an exquisite addition to your interior décor, explore the world of silk carpets. These pieces of art are both aesthetically pleasing and opulent, capable of enhancing any area in your home. Browse our diverse collection of antique Persian rugs at Arrant Luxury to find the perfect silk carpet to add to your home's ambiance. 

How to Maintain a Premium Silk Touch Rug

When it comes to preserving the life of your rug, the quality of your choice matters. Pure silk rugs, often referred to as silk touch rugs or silk carpets, deserve a special place in your living space. To ensure they retain their luxurious charm, consider the following tips: 

Choose Low-Traffic Spots: Select areas with low foot traffic to place your luxury silk carpet. High-traffic zones like the living room and entryways should be avoided.

Shield from Sunlight: Protect your silk rug from direct sunlight exposure. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to fading, diminishing its beauty.

Gentle Cleaning Methods: Steer clear of steam cleaning or dry cleaning for silk rugs. A simple shake can effectively remove most dirt and dust.

Professional Care: It's advisable to entrust the cleaning of silk carpets to professionals, as regular vacuuming may not be sufficient.

Are you looking for pure silk rugs for sale? 

Are you currently on the lookout for pure silk rugs that are available for sale? If so, you're in for a treat at Arrant Luxury, our premium brand dedicated to offering exquisite home décor items. Here, you'll be delighted to explore a diverse and captivating collection of silk carpets that cater to even the most refined tastes. 

Our silk rugs are not just pieces of décor; they are the embodiment of sophistication. Crafted with immense attention to detail and using only the finest pure silk materials, these rugs transcend the ordinary. They define a new standard of luxury in the world of silk carpets, setting a benchmark that others aspire to achieve. 

When you choose one of our pure silk rugs, you're not simply acquiring a piece of home décor; you're investing in an experience of unparalleled luxury and style. Each rug bears the hallmark of quality and craftsmanship that defines Arrant Luxury's commitment to excellence. Your search for the epitome of a silk carpet ends here, where beauty, elegance, and luxury converge in every thread. 


Are premium silk touch shaggy rugs suitable for homes with pets? 

Yes. Many luxury silk carpets are crafted to endure the wear and tear caused by pets. Seek out designs that can effortlessly blend with pet hair or minor stains. 

Can silk touch rugs be used in bathrooms? 

Yes, premium silk touch shaggy rugs can be a great addition to bathrooms, offering both warmth and slip resistance. However, it's vital to select silk touch rugs designed specifically for bathroom use, as they are more resistant to moisture and mold. 

How often should I clean my silk carpet? 

The frequency of silk carpet maintenance depends on factors such as foot traffic and the presence of pets or allergies. Generally, it's advised to vacuum your silk touch rug at least once a week and arrange professional cleanings every 6-12 months. 

Can luxury silk carpets be used on top of carpeted floors? 

Certainly, luxury silk carpets can be layered on top of carpeted floors, adding an element of elegance and defining various areas within a room. Ensure the rug has a non-slip backing or use a rug pad to prevent shifting.