Exquisite Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs for Sale

Exquisite Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs for Sale - Arrant Luxury

When it comes to good quality, nothing beats a traditional hand-knotted rug. "Hand-knotted" refers to how the rug is made, not where it is from or its design. These rugs are crafted by hand on special machines or using special techniques that have been used for thousands of years. Each one is unique and a piece of art because skilled craftsmen make them with natural materials like wool. They are so well-made that they can last for a long time, often becoming cherished items passed down through families.  

Here is all about picking hand knotted oriental rugs for sale. 

Why Buy Hand-Knotted Persian Rugs? 

You will adore the beauty of hand-knotted Persian rugs. Such rugs are carefully made by a skilled rug maker to stay beautiful in your home for many years. Hand-knotted Persian rugs are highly valued by both beginners and experts. Skilled weavers tie every knot by hand, creating detailed designs with bright colors.  

Here are some ideas to help you incorporate one of these Persian rugs into your home decor, inspired by how professional decorators use them: 

Vibrant Hues 

Dark blue hand-knotted Persian wool rugs can look stylish in a modern apartment, surrounded by worn-out decor, light colors, and classy accent pieces. Cream-colored wool rugs are also popular in modern homes. Red antique hand-knotted Persian rugs can be a focal point in a classic or countryside home. In traditional decor, their bold red backgrounds and intricate designs blend in perfectly. 

Go Vintage 

A black vintage hand-knotted Persian rug can enhance the simplicity of a minimalist or wabi-sabi style home, complemented by dark neutral tones. This type of rug can also add to the elegance of a Hollywood glam style room, paired with touches of red and shiny chrome accents. It takes months for the weaver to knot every fiber, dye each thread, and design every inch of these rugs. It's a tough and patient process, but the result is special.  

A Closer Look at Hand Knotted Persian Area Rugs 

Hand-knotted Persian area rugs are considered the best of the best in the rug world. They are not only stunning and colorful but also strong and cozy, often becoming family treasures passed down over time.  

To keep your hand-knotted rug looking its best for years, it's important to know how to care for it properly. Here are some cleaning tips to help you out: 

  • Avoid using a vacuum with a beater bar as it can harm the yarn. Instead, opt for a vacuum without one or make sure to switch off the beater bar if your vacuum has that option. 
  • Give your rug a good shake or beat it with a tennis racket or rug beater a few times a year to loosen and remove dirt that may have gotten trapped. 
  • Deal with spills promptly by blotting them with a clean towel or rag to prevent staining. 
  • Have your rug professionally cleaned or wash it yourself with gentle soap and water at least once a year to maintain its freshness. 
  • Always check what material your rug is made of before trying out a new cleaning method to ensure you don't accidentally damage it. 


Is a hand knotted Persian rug right for me? 

You can ask yourself these questions. What colors would complement my room and existing decor? Consider the hues that would blend well with your furniture, walls, and overall style. 

Do I need to make any adjustments to the room to better match the rug?  

Think about whether any changes to the decor or layout might enhance the overall look with the addition of the rug. 

What size rug do I need to fit the room and serve its purpose?  

Measure the space where you intend to place the rug to ensure it fits well and meets your practical needs.